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History of The Manna Place

The Manna Place started May of 2019 with the notion that everyone has the right to space.  This means, no matter what walk of life you come from, you deserve moments of refreshing, refueling and regeneration for your journey.   The Manna Place has a few primary focuses.  One focus is to support and partner with local non-profit organizations in the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, and Antelope Valleys by serving the vulnerable populations with essential items such as clothes, personal hygiene products, and food items.  Their main project is 'Drive4Drawers', that gives monthly supplies of underwear to local shelters.

Another focus of the Manna Place is to provide behavioral health services that includes therapy, counseling, and life coaching to the community at little to not cost.  These services facilitate healing, position people onto their better paths, and unlock their untapped potential.  A special program offered by the Manna Place is 'Manna for Men', where Fathers and men of color are personally developed through evidence-based training programs and behavioral health services. 

The Manna Place is looking forward to their future, where the services they provide will one day be housed in their own community center - The Manna Place.

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Refreshment for the Mind and Spirit

Life Coaching, Therapy and Counseling should not be hard to find.  The Manna Place offers these services so that people of all colors can share their unique story in their own voice and be heard, affirmed, and equipped for their unique journey ahead.


Refreshment for the Body and Soul

The Manna Place partners with local stores and businesses so that we can give essential "hard to find" items to our local community shelters, supporting them in the great work that they are already doing for others.

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We appreciate your donation that helps offset the cost of the supplies we provide to local shelters and for the behavioral services we offer to those who are ready for change!

Receiving Donations at Clothing Drive
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Give NEW Packaged Underwear for our San Fernando, Santa Clarita and Anteleope Valley Shelters

Our local shelters and transition homes depend on donors for supplies.  The hardest item to come by (that is really needed) is underwear for men, women, boys and girls.  Donate NEW packaged underwear to the Manna Place and we deliver them to the shelters that need them the most.

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